With all respect to Robert Pattinson, whose Batman I have yet to experience: This is the Batman we deserve. This is the Batman we need at this particular moment in time. This is Keanu Reeves as Batman, speaking honestly about his tragic childhood… to a dog.

Is this trailer gently poking at the emotional buttons of everyone who loves Reeves as dog-loving John Wick? One hundred percent, and it’s beautiful. Batman needs a friend—though as he points out here, he doesn’t really work alone—and a dog is perfect. A dog has no shame about showing affection. I’m on board with a Bat-dog.
Kevin Hart plays Batman’s new canine friend, Ace; DC League of Super-Pets also stars Dwayne Johnson as Krypto the Super-Dog; John Krasinski as Superman; Marc Maron as Lex Luther; Kate McKinnon as Merton (a turtle) and Diego Luna as Chip (a squirrel). It is, I gather, mostly about Krypto, who rounds up an assortment of shelter animals to save the day when the members of the Justice League are kidnapped. But it needs to have a lot of Keanu Batman. Just listen to him! He’s perfect. Brooding. He’s seen some shit. Let us have this.
DC League of Super Pets is directed by Jared Stern (who co-wrote The Lego Batman Movie). It’s in theaters May 20th.

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