With no disrespect meant to Spielberg, Sondheim, or any other involved parties: This is the West Side Story we never knew we needed. The Oscar-winning musical just got a science fictional upgrade, courtesy of Daniel Hashimoto and Seth Worley of the YouTube series VFX and Chill.
But their veloci-inspiration isn’t limited to just one film.

Barely two hundred people are currently following @ButWithRaptors, which is a travesty, as so many things can be improved on once you add screaming dinosaurs. Take, for instance, ’80s classics.
Gifs you can hear. (Risky Business😎) pic.twitter.com/IGGSPS1lMb
— But With Raptors (@ButWithRaptors) April 6, 2022

Or extremely high-budget action films that for some reason have never previously included velociraptors.
Mission Impossible: But with a Velociraptor instead of @TomCruise pic.twitter.com/npzhvm1nMT
— But With Raptors (@ButWithRaptors) April 6, 2022

If you like the short video of West Side Story but with velociraptors, you might love the two-hour-long episode of VFX and Chill in which the whole thing is created. (Personally I keep getting distracted by the veloci-seahorses in the background, but perhaps your attention span is in better shape than mine.) This video is full of goofiness, but also an entertaining reminder about all the little things in movies that might be visual effects (the sky! the set! totally “ordinary” stuff!) and about how VFX work, step by step by dinosaur-footprint step. It’s educational and funny.
Or you can just watch the video above. Maybe a raptor can do “Gee, Officer Krupke” next?

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