Ever wondered what the sci-fi version of those ’90s high school rom-coms would be like? Wonder no further — if the trailer is any indication, Moonshot is that movie.

The premise of Moonshot is as old as time — a young woman is in a relationship with the wrong guy, which the right guy, who she’s just friends with, wants to change. In Moonshot, the twist is that the wrong guy is on Mars, and both of them head there (the woman through official channels, the dude as a stowaway) and have an eventual journey to the red planet.
Here’s the official synopsis for the film:
“Moonshot follows Walt (Cole Sprouse) and Sophie (Lana Condor) as they join forces in order to be reunited with their significant others. The two embark upon a lively journey that winds up taking them both wildly and unexpectedly off course.”
I’m curious if Walt actual has a significant other as this synopsis says? The trailer certainly doesn’t suggest that, but trailers necessarily leave aspects of the film out (though Walt in an existing relationship seems like a pretty big one).
The trailer also has a quick shot of Zack Braff as some old dude spouting wisdom to Walt as well as Michelle Buteau (First Wives Club, The Tick) as the humorous Captain Tartar. It’s written by Max Taxe and directed by Christopher Winterbauer. Winterbauer’s previous credits include Wyrm, a feature he wrote and directed that takes place in an alternative version of the 1990s where teens must wear electronic collars until their first kiss.
(Side note: I had never heard of Wyrm before researching for this post, and now that I know Wyrm exists and have watched the trailer, I must see it and interview Winterbauer, because … wow.)
But back to Moonshot. This feature and all its rom-com feelings drops on HBO Max on March 31, 2022.

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