What do Hans Zimmer, Jon Favreau, Sir David Attenborough, and a T-Rex have in common? They’re all part of the five-episode series, Prehistoric Planet, which brings us a new look at the Cretaceous Period. Don’t believe me? Check out the clip above to see a T-Rex being Best Dad to his furry-feathery, snuggly baby.

Pretty cute, right?! The Apple TV+ docuseries has recreated dinosaurs in their natural environment using the VFX technology used in the “live-action” Lion King and The Jungle Book movies. Based on the clip above and the teaser trailer below, it also has strong Planet Earth vibes, not surprising given that the BBC is behind both shows.
The series also promises to take a different approach than we’ve seen before to portraying life 66 million years ago. Here’s the show’s official synopsis:
Prehistoric Planet presents little-known and surprising facts of dinosaur life set against the backdrop of the environments of Cretaceous times, including coasts, deserts, freshwater, ice worlds and forests. From revealing eye-opening parenting techniques of Tyrannosaurus rex to exploring the mysterious depths of the oceans and the deadly dangers in the sky, Prehistoric Planet brings Earth’s history to life like never before.
The teaser gives us some glimpses of other scenes in the show. In addition to daddy T-Rex teaching his kids to swim, we get a sauropod with some pulsing sacks on its long neck, a bunch of other dinos facing each other in the cold mountains, and much more.
Prehistoric Planet will drop an episode on Apple TV+ each day from May 23 through May 27.

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