Since the brilliant Mr. Robot ended in 2019, series creator Sam Esmail’s name has been attached to a lot of things (including that Battlestar Galactica reboot that I still really want to see). He’s produced Briarpatch and Homecoming, and is directing the movie adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s eerie novel Leave the World Behind, but we haven’t gotten the full force of his writer-director-creator brain.
That’s about to change, as Apple TV+ has given a series order to his take on Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

Apple’s press release says the series is “inspired by” the original film, but offers no further plot details.
Sure, you can argue that we don’t need another reboot or remake… but did you watch Mr. Robot, though? It’s a puzzling mystery about evil corporations and global conspiracies, but it’s also deeply character-focused and incredibly cast, and I will remain distressed that not all of the actors have become major stars. Rami Malek, of course, won an Oscar for playing Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, but he should’ve won piles of awards for his role as Mr. Robot‘s troubled and brilliant Eliot Alderson.
Esmail will single-handedly write and direct Metropolis, serving as showrunner and executive producer. No release date has been announced.

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