A new horror-comedy feature about the underlying creepiness of social media influencers (and childhood friendships gone awry) will run at Austin’s SXSW this year.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Cecilia—don’t you dare call her Sissy—runs into her childhood best friend and gets invited to her bachelorette party… which includes the woman Sissy thinks ruined their friendship. (The woman is also someone tween-age Sissy maybe tried to kill back in the day? Yikes!)
The end of the trailer confirms that the bachelorette party doesn’t end so well and that Sissy seems, well, more than a little unbalanced. The film’s apparent focus on how social media has infiltrated our lives—that what we see on someone’s posts often don’t reflect their true selves—is very intriguing. I also get some Heathers vibes from the trailer, which is never a bad thing in my book.
Sissy is an Australian film put out by writer-directors Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes. It stars Aisha Dee as the titular Sissy as well as Daniel Monks, Yerin Ha, Lucy Barrett, Shaun Martindale, Amelia Lule, April Blasdall, and Camille Cumpston.
No news on if/when it will premiere in the U.S., but hopefully someone at SXSW will snatch up distribution rights so we can see the film in its entirety.

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