We are all still hoping that someday, perhaps, maybe, The Expanse will return to adapt the last three books in James S.A. Corey’s epic science fiction story. This is not that story. But it’s great: Alasdair Beckett-King has made a 30-second version of The Expanse: The Animated Series that nods toward Star Trek: The Animated Series and also a joke from The Simpsons.
It’s perfect.

Nothing happens here except that “the dog” can talk now (it can’t) and that Amos has even nicer eyes than Wes Chatham does in real life. (Sorry, Amos.) This version stars “the angry ladies of the Belt,” which is simple truth; Naomi Nagata and Camina Drummer are angry and they are superstars. Also there are some Inners.
It should’ve been “the animated Ceres,” though.
Beckett-King is also the comedian behind “Guy Who Is About to Die in Space,” an impressively accurate sendup of any number of series and movies we have all seen and, if not loved, certainly had opinions about.

Fans of the animated Expanse short include … the writers for The Expanse.
This is amazing. 😂🤣👏👏
— The Expanse Writers (@TheExpanseWR) February 23, 2022

In conclusion, if you haven’t watched The Expanse yet, now is a very good time to start. Anytime is a very good time to start, really. The rest of us will be over here waiting and hoping and crossing our fingers that there will be more Expanse someday, but you? You still have a treasure trove of excellent SF awaiting you!

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