It’s looking like Jason Momoa has his next big franchise role lined up—no, not his upcoming turn in the 10th Fast and Furious film, but another one. The Aquaman (pictured above) star is in “final negotiations” to lead the long-in-the-works Minecraft film, which also has a new director on board: Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jared Hess.

Warner Bros. has been developing a Minecraft movie for quite some time; at different points, Shawn Levy and Rob McElhenney were supposed to direct it. Very little is known about the Momoa/Hess adaptation, though according to The Hollywood Reporter, Mary Parent (Dune) and Roy Lee are producing; Jill Messick, who died in 2018, will also get a producing credit for work previously done on the film. Lydia Winters and Vu Bui, from game studio Mojang, are also producing.
But that’s it! Will it be a meta movie in which Momoa plays Minecraft? Will he turn into a little blocky person? (Doubtful; you don’t cast Jason Momoa unless people get to look at Jason Momoa. See also: Aquaman.) How many other video game movies and series will be out before we see a glimpse of this one? If they can make Sonic a superhit, surely Minecraft is destined for box office greatness.

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