Looking for new sci-fi or fantasy things to watch for free? YouTube has got you covered.

Today, YouTube announced (via SYFY WIRE) that they were offering movies as well as full seasons of shows to U.S. viewers for free (albeit broken up with a few ads, of course). The platform is currently boasting nearly 4,000 episodes from television shows, over 1,500 movies from Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, and other production companies, and is promising up to an additional hundred titles each week.
The selection includes plenty on the sci-fiction and fantasy front: For films, we’ve got Scary Movie: 3, 1966’s Batman movie starring Adam West, Michael J. Fox’s Teen Wolf, Robocop (pictured above), Little Shop of Horrors, and many, many others. YouTube also has several SFF television series available, including The Dead Zone, Masters of Science Fiction, and Sanctuary.
This move is YouTube’s play to stay relevant in our rapidly streaming world. The platform has moved away from original programming, and is now looking to improve both their catalogue as well as the ease with which people can search their offerings.
“To enhance the viewing experience, we’re unveiling brand new streamlined navigation and immersive banner art,” YouTube said in a statement. “The rich visuals and new menus will help you more easily find your favorite TV shows from the comfort of the couch, whether you choose to rent, purchase, or watch for free with ads. Many of these titles are also now available in high definition 1080p with 5.1 surround sound audio on supported devices.”
Many of these offerings are on the older side, yes, but that doesn’t make them not worth (re)watching! Also they’re free, so it’s hard to complain—even if it does come with ads attached.

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