The Rescue is the first book in the Ryan Decker series and it is written by the very talented writer Stephen Konkoly. The Rescue is a tale of revenge, mistrust, and conspiracy. It takes many unexpected and tragic turns throughout.

This novel is perfect for those who are fans of novels by Lee Childs, Tom Wood, and Ben Coes. Stephen Konkoly matches the complexity and intelligence of their strong plots that are tainted with political conspiracy and suspense.

Stephen Konkoly is a very talented author and his books have been listed in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times! Konkoly has twenty books behind him and is always releasing more with his next novel coming out in May 2021.

The story is centered around the protagonist – Ryan Decker, who is a former CIA operative who changed his role to a mercenary. Decker’s talent is rescuing people who have been kidnapped. One day, he is hired by a very powerful figure who is a US senator in order to save his daughter from a human trafficking circle.

This mission goes very wrong. Decker’s entire team and families are killed. Including his own. All in cold blood by the Russian mafia. After some time in prison, Decker grows suspicious of the story he was told, and a private investigator finds out that it was a more powerful force than the Russian mafia that killed Decker’s life. Decker becomes obsessed with revenge and is fuelled by passion to find the villains behind the conspiracy.

The Rescue is a face paced novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you read, and from the very first page I was completely engrossed in the world of Ryan Decker. Additionally, this novel is action packed with detailed fight scenes that are both imaginative and well described, as a result, you can perfectly picture the scene in your mind! This is a great trait of the writer’s unique writing style.

Furthermore, Stephen Konkoly has evidently put a lot of effort into the research behind this novel, as everything seems super realistic and all of the information he provides about certain operations (e.g. surveillance and skydiving) is accurate. The descriptions of the various pieces of equipment used make the story seem more realistic as it helps to picture the world of Ryan Decker even more so. This added sense of realism ensures that this book is a real gem! It is not often a writer will put in the background research as deeply as Konkoly.

Another great element of The Rescue is that the language used throughout is accessible and simplistic, yet used in a wonderful way that provides the same vivid descriptions as more complex language would. This allows the book to move at an appropriate pace for the genre and flows well between each significant event. I particularly enjoy novels that use accessible language as it ensures that all levels of readers can read the book and no one is left behind.