Bonafide Publishing has released new eBook and paperback editions for the Dark Paradigm Apocalyptic Thriller Series.

White Horse (Book 1) and Red Horse (Book 2) have brand new covers, designed by the talented David Berens, and Black Horse (Book 3) is on pre-order for Kindle Unlimited (KU) with a release date of September 9th 2023.

The whole eBook series is now available on the Amazon platform, exclusively for Kindle, while the new paperback editions will be available to order from major stores, as well as Amazon.

Because of the KU exclusivity, the eBook formats of the series will not be available on this Bonafide Publishing store until further notice.

New print ISBNs:

White Horse (Dark Paradigm #1) 2nd Edition: 978-1-9162397-4-6

Red Horse (Dark Paradigm #2) 2nd Edition: 978-1-9162397-5-3

Black Horse (Dark Paradigm #3) 1st Edition: 978-1-9162397-6-0

(Black Horse is only currently available to pre-order on Kindle Unlimited as an eBook with a September 9th release. The paperback is available to order on the release date.)