EDIT: Sorry this promotion has ended.

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Self-isolating times are going to be hard, there’s no denying it. However, people have and are going through a LOT worse, we should always remember that. We don’t want this to be some kind of Covid-19 Sale but the aim is to help people who need more stories to read at this time.

We’ve knocked 50% Off or more across our small range of books until April 4th. If you buy direct you can also benefit from other discounts.

Here’s the list:

Starter Library (Pale Road, Flight 313 and Cross Wire) FREE to subscribers

Frank Bowen Conspiracy Thrillers
False Flag (Frank Bowen #1) FREE (Has been for a while)
Pandora Red ( (Frank Bowen #2) 50% OFF Buy Direct | Retailers
Ghost Order (Frank Bowen #3) 50% OFF Buy Direct | Retailers
Frank Bowen Omnibus Vol 1 (Frank Bowen Books 1-3) 50% OFF Buy Direct | Retailers

Dark Paradigm Thrillers
White Horse (Dark Paradigm #1) 99c Buy Direct | Retailers
Red Horse (Dark Paradigm #1) 50% OFF Buy Direct | Retailers

Dark Ops Military Action
Flight 313 (Dark Ops #1) FREE to subscribers
War Dogs (Dark Ops #2) 99c Buy Direct | Retailers
War Lords (Dark Ops #3) 50% OFF Buy Direct | Retailers
War Gods (Dark Ops #4) PRE-ORDER

Other titles
Blood Tide (Doug Brown Terrorism Thriller) 99c Buy Direct | Retailers
Virus Vault (Zombie Short) 99c Buy Direct