Welcome to the Dark Paradigm

All our books connect and interweave in some way. Here is a timeline and chronological ordering of the Dark Paradigm books. There will be many more cross-overs in upcoming releases so be sure to keep in the loop via our newsletter.

Frank Bowen Series

A prequel conspiracy thriller series around thirty years before Dark Paradigm that follows Frank Bowen, from naive traveller to cold-blooded operative on a global stage.

False Flag

Pandora Red

Ghost Order

Dark Paradigm Series

A Conspiracy thriller to Apocalyptic epic detailing the rise of The Cabal over centuries. Only a small but motivated political and paramilitary group, Liberatus can challenge them. Frank Bowen’s children: Joe, Zak and Zoe are in the centre of the vortex.

White Horse

Red Horse

Black Horse (Coming 2020)

Pale Horse (Coming 2020)

Plus 4 more books planned

Dark Ops Mini-Series

Ghost 13 is a highly covert group that had been created way back in 1999 (Pandora Red). Later it becomes a US led group of spec op teams backed with military intelligence support that carries out the dark work of The Cabal. The Dark Ops series takes place in the same timeline as Dark Paradigm.

Flight 313

War Dogs

War Lords

War Gods

Mic Books and Stories

Blood Tide

Pale Road