For some time we’ve been offering advance chapters to Patrons of current book projects. Now, we’ve bundled them up and added a new exclusive flash or short story every month.

In DP magazine #1 Red Horse kicks off with the first three chapters. The complete book is due for release in the latter part of 2017. Although the final manuscript will work as a stand alone it follows links through some characters and subplots from White Horse.

Here’s the initial blurb:

The Prologue. World War 2, 1945. An American intelligence officer meets with a Nazi engineer who has some revealing information.

Haleema Sheraz hacks for the Iranian government but when her father, a nuclear scientist is kidnapped she finds herself on a dangerous journey into a war zone as an ISIS-inspired uprising threatens the state.

Also in this issue, we feature an exclusive new short story: Death Angel.

A man wakes up in his LA apartment right in the middle of a terrorist chemical gas attack but has no clue who he is. His day is about to get a lot worse…

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