Dark Paradigm Magazine #8 just dropped for Patreons and subscribers kicking off with the third Frank Bowen conspiracy thriller, Ghost Order.
Dark Paradigm Magazine #8Frank Bowen is pulled back into the Dark State once again. Only this time he’s playing both sides. Hired by John Rhodes, founding father of the Liberatus movement, Frank soon finds danger around every corner.
This issue also features Part 2 of the sci-fi thriller, Isolation.
On board the Vesta space station, Officer Briggs has a major problem with the Android crew, who are closing in on her position. Not only that but she’s about to lose contact with ‘brother’ – the AI mainframe who is her only source of information to help her stay alive. 
Every month the magazine features serialised first draft chapters (chapbooks) of a current thriller or sci-fi story that we’re working on.

There is also a new short story every month under the banner of ‘Pilots’; a test bed for new ideas and concepts. It could be a post-apocalyptic tale, an infectious stumble into the zombie zone, a sci-fi number or closer to home within the cold comfort of a steely thriller.

Come join us and find out!

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